Inside the Book: The 9-11 Connection

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Roger Bushell’s sacrifice in Nazi prison camps and the 9-11 terrorist attacks prompted John Carr to sign up for military duty, and then serve in the Middle East. In this installment of Inside the Book, John explains why he made that important decision:

Q: How do you now view your decision to sign up for the military after 9-11? Was it worth it?

A: It was absolutely worth it. After the decision I made to marry my wife, Melissa, it is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I view the decision to join the Army, as one about public service. I think the United States has lost something as a nation because we no longer have a draft. Since World War I, all American men have had to serve in the military. Military service, it seems to me, was a great equalizer, of race, class, geography etc. We have lost our sense of community in some ways.

Was it worth it? Well, sometimes I get anxiety attacks that are partially tied to my military service. Once since I have been home, I had an attack that was pretty severe. I also think our political leaders led us into an unnecessary war in Iraq, and a prolonged conflict in Afghanistan. I’ll finish with a ‘on-the-one-hand-on-the-other-hand’ answer. My decision to serve in the US military was worth it. Military service is worth it. The consequences of a screwed-up war were not.

Q: In the book, you talk about your reaction to 9/11 and the desire you had to do something about it. Now that we are more than 10 years removed from 9/11, what thoughts and emotions do you have now looking back on that fateful day in American history?

A: I think Bin Laden’s attack is even more terrible now, 10 years later. Those images are worse than some of the events I witnessed in Iraq.

2019 Update. This picture of Dulag Luft is the front gate of Camp King, an American Army Post that replaced Dulag Luft in 1945. After the war, it became the HQ for the West German intelligence services.

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