Inside the Book: The Military Route

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As he explains in the book, John Carr’s decision to join the military wasn’t an easy one and his experience in Iraq surely had its challenges. Here in this installment of Inside the Book, John offers some thoughts on others considering following in his footsteps and how he thinks his father would view the book:

Q: You are leaving the service at the end of the year. What advice would give anyone thinking about signing up for military duty?

A: Get in shape, get a haircut, and go do it, especially while you’re young. I look forward to seeing the first women US Army Rangers and Navy SEALs. I think that is great for the country. But, the US military has a crisis now with sexual assault. I have been three times on active duty, usually as a prosecutor. I was always amazed, or rather, blown away by the volume of sex cases I worked on. Before I’d let my daughter join the military, they have to make it much safer for women. I have no idea how they do that.

Q: In the book, you talk about your father and the military service of your family. What do you think your father would say about your book?

A: Of course, my father would be proud. I tell the story of my old man who was serving in Korea in 1946-1947. He was ordered in the middle of winter, to track what his CO thought was a Siberian Tiger up near the 48th Parallel. Now my dad was a city kid from Chicago and not a hunter by any means. He and some other guy had to track this animal in deep snow with a Colt 45. He was scared beyond belief, and later told his CO they found nothing. In reality, my dad said, ‘Screw this, I’m scared,’ and ran back to the Jeep. I love that story. We Carrs are true warriors!

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