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Dear John,
I came across your Roger Bushell blog page. Great job.
I am also a fan of the Great Escape, more exactly I had been researching it for years now and I was the initiation of the memorial dedicated to L. Bull, J. Williams, R. Kierath and J. Mondschein, which is located in Most, Czech Rep.
I looked at your photos of the location where Roger Bushell and Bernard Scheidhauer were murdered, but I could not find more info about the exact location. The initial info I had, was that it was closer to the Ramstein AF base, but based on Guy Walters book and additional research it seems to be just East of Kaiserslautern heading eastbound on A6.
I would very much like to visit the location in few months (it’s over 600 km from my house one way) and I am looking for the exact location. Could you please be so kind and email me the exact location?
Thank you very much.
Best wishes,

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