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The Entrance to ‘Harry’ taken in 2004 at SL III, Zagan Poland.

Welcome to the Serving with Roger Bushell blog, about the new book from John Carr. We’ll kick off this blog with a short bio of the author. You can also find this in the About the Author section:

My name is John Carr. I am an attorney and retired US Army reservist from Chicago, Illinois.  In 2013, I wrote the book “Serving With Roger Bushell, A Soldier’s Memoir from ‘The Great Escape’ to the Iraq War”. You can purchase it directly on or Apple IBooks.

I felt compelled to research and write about Bushell in 2002, when I discovered no one else had written his biography.  Bushell was born in South Africa in 1910, lived most of his life in England and Europe in the 1930s and 40s.  He had friends and admirers living across the world.  Over the years, I have traveled the world in search of him, piecing together his wonderful life as it happened in Canada, Europe and South Africa.  I wrote dispatches of his story while serving as a US Soldier in Iraq.  What I found was his wartime experience was both enthralling and terrifying.

Make sure to visit back here frequently to find out more about the book and how John put it all together.

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