Inside the Book: Covering New Ground

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In this installment of Inside the Book with author John Carr, we talk with John more about some new ground he covers in “Serving with Roger Bushell”:

Q: Can you give us a glimpse at some of the new ground about the Great Escape you uncovered here?

A: First, his sister gave me copies of his war time letters. They are now in the archives of the Imperial War Museum in London.  They present a humane side to Bushell, who in other histories about the operation seems like some kind of RAF superman, which I knew was overblown.

Next, my book details his second escape from a German Army Camp in 1941, which had never been told.  He and a confederate managed to hide underground in Prague until May 1942.  There was a woman who betrayed him as well.  The book tells the full story.

Q: In the book, you actually go to the ski sites Roger visited. What did you take away from that experience?

A: Actually, I thought the run was pretty easy.  Maybe I also have the skills to fly a Spitfire, like Bushell had.  Or not.

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